Of an investigatory nature

Of an investigatory nature

067 // 365
Books books books books! ❤
A few years ago I taught a pupil who had the tiniest hand writing ever. One day I made a comment like "I'm clearly going to need a magnifying glass to mark this aren't I". The next week said pupil brought me one in 😛
It's been in a cupboard at work for a few years now, but when I was having a move around I found it and brought it home. I've got a couple of other ideas for using it, however for today floating around in the garden with some books – what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Other things which I have done today include wash my car! :-O
This is shocking because in the entire time I had my old car (2 weeks off 8 years) I think I washed it about 5 times! The benefits of living at home included my dad washing it for me. I can remember that I did wash it at least 2 times when I moved out. One of those times though, I did such a bad job of it my mum washed it me again hahaah.
I would rate my washing of the new car as 'fair'. I would possibly give myself 5/10.

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