Out and about

Out and about

058 // 365

Today has not been the best day. It was most certainly one of those days where were I not doing a project 365 I would have defiantly not picked up my camera. I really need to learn how to spell defiantly.
I spent a lot of the day watching video tutorials online with a massive headache.
I also ate the last of kB’s cereal (bwa hahaha it was tasty!) and had to go out to take my broken Nexus 7 back to the Amazon pick up point (and I bought kB some more cereal ;-)).
After drugging myself up to the eyeballs I dragged myself out to my parents house to explore the land at the end of their road. I’ve taken a few shots in it as there is normally overgrown grass and wild flowers and butterflies and bees and 🙂 🙂 ^_^
But not any more. I was more than a bit dismayed to find that fences had been put up, grass had been cut and trees chopped down 😦

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