Trip to Edinburgh

Trip to Edinburgh

024 – 026 // 365

Day 1 of the birthday trip to Edinburgh.
I flew home from work and got changed. Dad picked us up at 4 and took us straight to the train station (Doncaster, because the trains are direct).
Didn’t get much chance to do anything photography wise. I get massively stressed at train stations, and when we got to the hotel in Edinburgh it was 10pm.
We ventured out to see what we could see, and a bit of Google-Fu told us there was a real ale pub and some good restaurants very close by. Se we checked in dropped our luggage off and went out to explore. Visited the real ale pub and went to the very very good Indian the day after.

Day the second brought us rain. A lot of rain. And also wind. Lots of rain and lots of wind. Did I mention the rain…?
Anyway, we set off from the hotel in the morning full of optimism; within 10 minutes we had lost both umbrellas to the wind and I had given up and tucked my hair up in my hat (Normally unheard of as I hadn’t brought anything to fix it with and rain and hat hair isn’t a good look!). Pretty much rained really heavily the whole day. We ended up hiding in a Starbucks to dry off (I hate Starbucks so you know the situation is dire if I’m suggesting we go in one), then got a taxi to the Scottish Parliment. The rain eased off a bit so we walked back to the hotel, went up Calton Hill for the second time (Wherein I snapped the shot above) and then it poured it down again. We got a taxi back to the hotel, I napped. We went out for what was the most amazing Indian meal ever.

Yet more rain! Huzzah! It eased off by midday though and the rest of the day it was nice and sunny 🙂 The train was delayed on the way home, and the heating had been off all weekend so it was so cold when we got in. And very late!

Back to normality now…

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