The Humber Bridge

019 // 365

This morning I got up fairly early and went up to Humber Bridge. Humber Bridge is 2,220-metres long, and as such it is the seventh longest bridge of it’s type in the world. It is about an hours drive from me and I’ve never seen it before in person. We got up a couple of hours before sunrise and went up to see it. Unfortunately despite the weather reports (we checked a few!) saying that the weather would be reasonable, it was slightly misty, overcast and raining the entire time we were there and then when we were driving home the clouds started to break up and now it is quite a nice day! Grr. At least I can tick it off of my list of places to visit : )

018 // 365

I always find it disappointing when you get the weekend and it’s miserable and raining and end up shooting inside anyway!

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