Winter Berries

Winter Berries // 28 12 13
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Every year when I have successfully completed a Project 365 I make a photo book to include the best shots, and also to keep a physical record of the achievement. Taking a photo every single day for a year is a big achievement, let alone taking a photo every day for three years straight.

The last two years I have made 26 page books when an offer came up on Groupon. This year though I decided to indulge in the Photobox 70% off sale and buy a 100 page book; thus allowing me have my favourite pictures full page 🙂

In theory this should have been easy as you can import straight from Flickr (or Facebook/Instagram etc) but it kept freezing when it was checking my shots. I tried various ways, including breaking my Project 365 set on Flickr down into individual months thinking that maybe having almost 365 pictures to deal with was too much for it, but nope still kept freezing.
I ended up uploading all of the shots (which took hours) and going through and creating the book that way. The whole process took close to four hours and I was well and truly fed up of it.

When I had managed to finish the book (the images were still uploading) I decided to go out for a little pre sunset stroll and captured today’s shot. Which obviously now needs uploading to the photo book….


In other news I was awake by a very loud knock on the door from the postman. I’m 99% sure he knew he was waking me up. I stumbled downstairs and turned the alarm off, struggled to open the front window only then realising that I’d failed to put my glasses on…

What was the post man bringing me?
I’ve spend my Christmas money on a battery grip for my new camera 🙂

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