December is here : D

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. It is now less than a month until I complete Project 365 2013 and being Project 365 2014. I bit the bullet today and ordered myself a new camera too : ) It is getting delivered tomorrow! Sooo excited for it.

335 // 365
facebook page // website // buy prints.

In other exciting news (the new camera being the first part of exciting news…) I now have a collection of landscape shots up for sale in an art gallery. You can see (and buy!) them online here.

334 // 365

As is a family tradition we went to a Christmas market in Bakewell on Saturday, and I bought rather a lot of meat. We like to try different meats and this year we have squirrel, zebra, crocodile, goat, springbok and kangaroo in our freezer. Ironically most people seem to think that I am a vegetarian… hahaha

335 // 365

Friday we dropped some prints off at the gallery and then went out for tea : )


As well as a new camera to look forward to, I have a couple of things in the pipeline for next week. It’s all a bit exciting : )

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