Silence is golden

Silence is golden

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These were taken late this afternoon, when I went to where my old school used to be. It was knocked down as part of the ‘building schools for the future’ project a couple of years after I left. It is completely over grown now and there is nothing left other than the concrete pitches where we used to play hockey and what not.
It was so overgrown that it bared no resemblance to what I could remember of it, and once I was inside the grounds no memories came back (when I was walking across the car park I remembered the gap in the fence where we used to sneak out on a Friday and buy chips from the fish n’ chip shop. So many kids used to sneak out and go there that they used  to do lunch time special half portions!)

There are massive portions of the grounds which I had more or less no contact with for my entire time there, so I expect it to be huge but it wasn’t really. Odd how your memories of things fade. I didn’t really get much out of school; I had good friends and I did OK without even really trying. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it; I have no particularly fond memories of the place but I don’t have any memories which stick out as being dire. It just was.

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