Of ragdolls and summer dresses

Of ragdolls and summer dresses

Last week I spend four days working (photographing) other people. It is a bit of an understatement to say that I am not a people person and I think it really took it out of me. I don’t like small talk at the best of times, and I’m rubbish at talking to people I don’t know. Combine the two and it’s not exactly a recipe for success.
On the flip side to this I am a lot more confident in my photography. I’ve come on leaps and bounds since “surrealist June”; and it’s not just my photography which has improved my uses of Photoshop have also gotten better.

All that said, I did think I’d bitten off more than I could chew this morning.
Yesterday and today I’ve not really felt like going out; so I decided to try to stretch myself even further in Photoshop.

Today’s shot is a combination of 41 images all taken by me today, and then put together. It has taken me roughly 3 and a half hours; which seems like a long time but it was actually quicker than I expected.

Against the will of the little nagging voices in my head I tried quite a few new things all at once.
This was the first time I’ve stitched several images together to form a larger background (in the style of the Brenizer Method).
It was the first time I’d used quite so many images together.
It was the first time I’d tried to make images into a piece of clothing (taking much inspiration from Brooke Shaden).
It was the first time I’ve used one of my own textures. Making my own textures is something I’ve been meaning to do all holidays, but I’ve found it is one of those things that is easy to put off. I’m going to carry on with it, but instead of pushing myself to do it I’m just going to keep my eye out when I’m out and about.

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