In beauty in derelict

Last week I posted around on Facebook asking for time-for-shots (it’s where models give up their time for free in order to receive free shots, but I specified that I wasn’t bothered about people actually being models).

I got a good number of replies and was actually able to choose who I wanted to shoot with ^-^.
Today was the first of these shots, with the lovely Briony. I also had some off camera assistance from her dad, which was fantastic – it is so much easier to shoot a model and have someone else helping rather than doing everything my self!

The shot with the apple is what I set out with in mind, and we managed to get the shot within the first few takes – in fact we only took 24 shots in total anyway! This is another shot that we tried out seeing as we got the original so quickly.

In derelict buildings beauty can blossom

As I’ve never really worked with someone unless I’m friends/related to them this is an exciting challenge for me this week, and I am more than pleased with the results from the first day.
My next collaboration shoot is on Tuesday and I’m hoping the weather stays nice for it as we plan on being outside.

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