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Bit of a pants day in terms of stress and anxiety; when I took yesterdays shot a lot of the images came out out of focus, but I put it down to me being in front of the camera off to one side and not being 100% sure where the camera was focusing, I was alone so I had to guess.
Today I was shooting me and kB and I had the same problem with the shots coming out soft and nothing really in focus, so I ended up getting mega angsty about it and trying to take lots of shots to prove to myself that it was OK.
Except that kind of back fired because they didn’t look OK; so then I started frantically looking at the cost of a new lens – only then to worry that it wasn’t the lens it was the camera, then oh sh*t what if I needed both.

Anyway kB did a science experiment on the camera/lens involving objects and a tape measure and everything seemed to be fine.
So then I took this shot, and my hair is very clearly in focus so all is fine again.

I hope that I’d just gotten myself worked up and was proving myself wrong rather than it intermittently working.

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