Many hands make light work

Many hands make light work

Today has seen me trying some new things in post processing. This is the second edit I did, which is more or less unheard of for me, and I’ve spent nearly 4 hours on the two shots in total.

Normally I have a clear idea, and I know what I need to do in shot to achieve as close to it as possible so that I don’t have to spend hours editing in post.
Today I wanted to try out new things, which always makes the process that little bit more difficult.

This is pretty much what I had in mind though, so I am glad that I got there; however as these things I imagine (seriously I can never spell that word) that I will improve on the techniques and end up not liking this one too much.
With the first edit I made everything vastly over complicated. I had head, six hands, hair all from different shots to try and achieve what I had in mind when I set out 100%.
It wasn’t working so I started again using different images and ended up with this.

Happy to have tried new things ^-^

I’ve been feeling quite inspired by ideas these last two days; I don’t know if it’s being off work which has caused it but I’ve had so many that I’ve had to start writing them all down again.
I normally have a very good memory and so I think up everything I need for a shot (props, lighting, location) and then just run with it – no need to write anything down. But there comes a point where I have that many ideas that I have to write them down because my brain becomes over saturated with concepts and ideas and snippets that I end up forgetting some of them.

Since I’ve changed styles, or should I say found myself stylistically, I often wonder if I should use other people in my work. Models, “regular Joes”… but I can never come to any kind of conclusion. Sometimes yes it would be easier to use someone else. But. I enjoy using myself. Not in an egotistical way, because a lot of the time I’m fairly small in the frame or you can’t see my face. I think I enjoy putting myself in the shot because then I am a part of it, a part of the other place inside the camera where life is infinity more interesting. More majestic.
I guess I am creating places where I want to be, and this is why I can’t seem to not use myself in the shot. I want to be able to physically  see myself in these mystical places. I don’t want other people to intrude in my personal space (metaphorically speaking).

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