Heading towards a storm

Heading towards a storm

This is near where I “grew up” (if that is what it’s called when you are in your late teens/early twenties?). We moved here just as I was finishing university and I lived here for a good few years before we bought our own place.
I hated it when we first moved there. It was “dark” and “in the middle of nowhere”, but as these things tend to go I ended up loving that house and the land that was around it.
I used to walk to the end of the road, through the wooden gate and across the fields fully stocked up with drink, blanket and book. I would sit under a tree at the top of a hill and read.
Happy memories.
Now there are gates and fences put up all around it and big shaggy Shetland cows graze in there for some of the year.
There were butterflies and bees out in force today, and a rattle snack (probably a cricket but my childhood over-active imagination never wore off).

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