Things to do this six weeks

At the start of every six week holidays I like to write a list.Six weeks is a long time, but it’s very easy to waste six weeks doing nothing;  writing a to do list helps me to put into perspective what I want to achieve, and then I can refer back to it and see how well I did at the end.

In 2013, my six week holidays are all about:

  • Photoshop and photography. Over the last two months I have been creating photos that I am very happy with; this is a new concept for me as I am very critical of my own work. Before I was taking photos which I thought were OK, but now I am taking shots which I actually like in terms of style. Of course, doing a POTD project means there are duff ones, but I like the direction I am going in and want to progress further these holidays. I want to visit new places and come up with new concepts and try new techniques. I’m so inspired at the minute, and I want to push myself and progress.
  • Get buff. I’ve put on half a stone and stopped exercising. The half a stone has creeped on slowly over since Christmas, the exercise stopped gradually over the past two months. I think getting more involved in the photos has lead to stopping doing exercise, but no excuse now!
  • Look into selling prints online and at craft fairs
  • Read more. Probably also neglected due to photography. Again no excuse.
  • Buy a new external hard drive (actually I did this earlier) and back up my work seeing as it is currently scattered around several hard drives.
  • Go through the last two years of project 365’s and delete out all the rubbish shots which are just clogging up my hard drive (I’ve started on this but it’s going to be a big job!)

I’m sure I will come up with more stuff as time goes by, but these are my big aims.

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