Fields of poppies

Fields of poppies

I’ve driven past this field every (work) day for 3 years almost. It’s never been so saturated with poppies. A lot of the fields I drive through have a fair few poppies in them, but this one is the king of poppies field. It’s beautiful.

I am still stinging from climbing through should high nettles and weeds to get here. Then there was the ditch that I almost fell down.
When I finally got there (literally took about 2 minutes, but felt like 15 hacking my way through stingers and sticky stuff and watching out for slugs) there was a house on the top of the hill and I was on the look out for angry farmers with their dog coming out and shouting at me.

It all passed without incident though, and within 30 minutes I was back in my car driving home.

5 thoughts on “Fields of poppies”

  1. The “road” we photographers are willing to take for the perfect picture.

    I love the shot tho, the green hair just makes you fit in the nature even better. Thumbs up!


    1. Haha thanks!
      Yeah sometimes daft things must be done, but it’s easily forgotten if the result is ok 🙂

      I’m just lucky work will let me have bright hair! 😀


      1. Big upz for your boss then. Here most likely that would be a no-go. Tattoos, funky hair color, piercings, even slightly awkward makeup can lead to losing a job. 😀


      2. Oh dear, I work as a teacher in a state school so its very unusual – I’ve got my lip pierced too!
        I’m very lucky ^_^


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