Down in the forest

Down in the forest

I made a commission on one of my shots the other week so decided, after much deliberation, to spend it on a fisheye lens. I was considering a UWA but went with a fisheye in the end, figured it suits my current style better, and this is the kind of style I want to work with more.

2 thoughts on “Down in the forest”

  1. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations on your purchase and looking forward to see more fantastic images with the fisheye! I personally find it very difficult to use so it tends to gather dust. I am looking for inspiration! 🙂


    1. Thanks!
      I don’t think it’s something I will be using that often, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can get from it.
      I’ve seen loads of fisheye shots which I thought looked a bit pants so its going to be selective use!


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