Last week of this school year for us as we change over into new year groups four weeks before the summer holidays. I’m tired and either ill or suffering from hayfever. I think it’s that I am ill as I ache as well.

Experimenting with tones and editing tonight, to try and achieve something a bit different. I’m lucky that kB will come out with me when I want to take a shot – he just kinda stands there as I have a tripod and remote shutter and what not, it’s just moral support.

After I edited the shot I made a Sachertorte for kB’s birthday on Wednesday. The recipe said to leave it for a couple of days before cutting it, so this worked out well. I’ve made the cake and added the jam, now I just need to wait for the jam to set so I’ll be icing it tomorrow. It looks OK, but the proof is in the tasting!

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