Friday & Saturday

Last night was a bit busy! We were going to Manchester to see Steven Wilson, and had to set off at 5. I got in from work, got changed, cooked pizzas then we set off. It’s 1 hour 20 mins to get to Manchester in good traffic, but getting from Sheffield to Manchester can get quite bad traffic wise – we were expecting this but not a 2 hour wait to get over Woodhead Pass. When we finally got to the gig turns out we’d only missed 30 mins of a 2 hour set so it wasn’t that bad. No photography inside, so had to make do with a “Queues likely” sign, and the back of the tour top I bought.

Today is nice and sunny, and normally I’d want to go out taking photos, but after being stuck in the car for 5 hours yesterday (exclusing work commute times) the idea of climbing back into a car is less than appealing. Instead I decided to tidy the garden up a bit and photograph some of the flowers which have come out to say hello.

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