Week 2: In Review

Bwa haha that rhymes!

Anyway, moving on…Decided to move this end of week summary to the day which I actually consider to be the end of the week, Sunday, so there will be 8 photos at the end of this review.

This week has been fairly good actually. The first week back at work after a half term is usually rubbish; I feel tired all the time and want to nap and go to bed ridiculously early (even by my early bed time standards), but not this week! Having said that the week has seemed to both drag, yet the weekend came sooner than expected, which makes no sense at all. On Friday it didn’t feel like a Friday, it felt like a Wednesday or Thursday, but at the same time it felt like we were well into the term rather than it being the first week back. Weird.

I’m  back into doing Pilates twice a week and have ditched Zumba in favour for Hot Hula (at least for now). I’ve actually missed exercise and I don’t really know why I stopped. My knees seem to have been better for the last few weeks too. I wasn’t expecting much from Hot Hula, but in actual fact it was rather enjoyable – it’s like hula dancing so it’s a real challenge but I could feel it working my abs and thighs so I’m looking forward to seeing results and getting better at it… It’s rather difficult to walk whilst rotating your hips! I think I’m going to “cheat” and get my weighted hula hoop out and practice hip rotating, haha 😛

Another good week where I’ve been Explored numerous times and hit the black and white target. Personally I think the worst shot I took all week is the one I took last Sunday, or maybe today. Today’s shot involved something I’ve never tried before – shooting the refraction of an image in a water drop. It’s not bad for a first attempt. Must be a theme then – Sunday = pants photo day (Which is odd considering I have the whole day to myself both times).

Photography Highs: I’m enjoying looking for shots which will work in black and white and I’m looking for them every day – obviously some days it just wont work for the photos I have in mind, but I’m defiantly starting to look for it which I never did before. Really need to get myself into gear in terms of self portraits / portraits with kB. I’ve figure out how to get my eyes in focus for a close up shot of myself, but the problem is it’s difficult to be subjective abut a photograph when you yourself are in it. I know this is part of the challenge of it, but it is still difficult.
I’m also going to add the photo I took today here, even though I’m not too pleased with it. I tried something new for the first time this year and I guess that it’s not *that* bad.

Photography Lows: The novelty of Explore has worn off though. I know it’s only a daft thing presumably based on number of views -vs- favourites -vs- comments, but before at least it was something to aspire to. With so many pictures getting into it it has somewhat taken the novelty off! But that’s not to say that I wasn’t a bit upset when the last few didn’t get added to it, but still… 😉

I’ve been looking at lenses a lot lately, and I’ve decided that I’m going to start saving for some good quality glass. I’m just torn between getting a big zoom lens and a macro lens. I already have 3 macro lenses even though they are all manual focus ones, but I don’t have a zoom lens which goes past 200mm… Well except for the 300mm macro zoom lens….. >_> I’ve also been reading that you should use manual focus rather than auto focus for macro shots anyway, which is something I’ve never had to consider before never having had the option to auto focus! It’s the 1:1 ration which is drawing me towards getting a macro lens rather than a zoom lens, as I don’t think any of my lenses are 1:1 (which I think technically makes them not macro?). Besides out of the two I’d use a macro lens more often.


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