Shirebrook Valley, Sheffield

Decided to go for a walk. I’d spent a lot of yesterday sat down at the computer and my knees had been playing up – going for a walk seems to do them some good.

I have been to this place a number of times before but I can never seem to remember what it is called. A bit of Googling tells me it is called Shire Brook Valley : )

If you get off the beaten track it is a bit of a dumping ground for random things. Before when I’ve been I’ve come across the carcass of a car, a tyre grave yard (including tractor tyres) and a childs shoe. Today a found the rusty remains of a motorbike.

Rather annoyingly whilst out I’ve lost the ball out of my lip ring (Doubly annoying as it isn’t a standard size. I need a 3mm ball and the smallest you can get is 4mm. However a spot of eBaying has turned up a 9mm ring, so looks like I will be buying a new one..) and then I pushed a branch back, expected it to snap off only for it to thwack me in the face really hard.

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