Bonfire Party

I had planned on being really brave tonight. I was going to my friend from works party for his daughter and I knew there would be “a few people” and some fireworks. An excellent opportunity to photograph some exploding fireworks! Totally bottled it when I got there though. A lot more people there than I had anticipated, and I didn’t want to be *that* person with the SLR photographing the fireworks. So instead I took a couple of the left over sparklers home and photographed them as it was gone 9pm by the time I left.

Disappointed in myself for bottling it? Yes.
Enough to do something about it next time? Probably not.

4 thoughts on “Bonfire Party”

      1. I still haven’t gone through most of my shots from a couple months ago. I took a lot of photos at a leadership training course, they’re really good (I think they are at least) and the people really enjoyed them. so happy about that, and that I managed to get over the “I’m embarrassed to be taking photos of you” that I often get.


      2. I’m no longer bothered about getting my camera out in front of people who I don’t know, which is an improvement.
        Still shy around taking photos when I’m in social situations when I don’t really know the pele I’m with (even if I’m not photographing people) and the who,e stranger thing is still a big no no! Hehe


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