I love autumn

I really do love autumn, it is my most favourite season by far.
The air gets a bit crisp, just enough to pile on scarves, hats and what not (I have a worrying addiction to hats, scarves and knitwear).
The leaves on the trees go all kinds of wonderful colours, and then they fall to the floor ready for me to stomp all over them *crunch crunch crunch*, kick them in the air and generally get all excited.
Me with autumn leaves is a bit like a kid in the snow. Except if I think about it, I’m like this with snow as well….
Over the last week I have seen two people making big piles of leaves and I have used all my reserves of self restraint to not go crashing feet first into them waft arms and legs about like a loon and send all of their hard work flailing around all over the place… However I was raised a good girl (despite being urged on to destroy one of the piles by my own mother! :-O) and so far have not managed to pluck up the courage to act on my impulses. Possibly because the proud owners of said piles were stood close by.

My mission?

To destroy someone’s pile of leaves before autumn is over.
I lead a wicked life… 😛

Leaves! // 19 10 12


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