General Cemetery, Sheffield

A while ago I went looking for (and found) a photography groups based in Sheffield. I will admit I had looked before, but I’d only found those groups which required that you paid to join and I’ve always found that bit off putting. As much as I enjoy photography, and I strive to get better at it, it is only a hobby and I don’t really want to be paying to hang around with like minded people.
I left my search for a few months then I stumbled upon a group whose motto seems to be “it doesn’t matter what camera you have (even a camera phone) as long as you have a passion for photography” and about once a month we toodle out to a different location and take photographs.

This month we went to the General Cemetery in Sheffield. I have been here before a number of times to take photos, but I don’t mind returning to places I have visited before and besides it’s nice to get out and talk to new people (And I’d never been to the Cemetery in autumn before).

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